Thursday, October 15, 2009

Madhulika Liddle - YouTube links

Madhulika Liddle


1)      Top thoughts

2)      My writing style

3)      Apt for movie adaptation

4)      Authenticity vs Author's licence

5)      Author reading the book

6)      Possibility of Urdu translation of the book

7)      Working on the next book

8)      The move from being an aspiring writer to author

9)      Importance of making a book into a manageable size

10)  Social networking for the book

11)  Challenge of managing a lot of characters

12)  Historical detective fiction as a genre

13)  Contemporary stories vs Historical fiction

14)  What can be achieved by banning books

15)  Fiction vs Fact

16)  Writing historical fiction can take you back to the old times

17)  Striking a balance between being modern and being traditional

18)  Role of fiction in places where it is not commonly deployed

19)  What is behind the lure of fiction

20)  Getting under the skin of characters

21)  Are authors some of the least understood people

22)  Need for surprises in the book

23)  Short story vs Novel

24)  Advantage of the author being in the geography of the novel

25)  Passionate about historical architecture

26)  Description of garments in the novel

27)  On the naming of characters

28)  Footnotes are not apt in a novel

29)  Relevance of the map at the beginning

30)  What I have learnt from the writing experience

31)  I am fond of nature, of birds

32)  Will be good as suggested reading in history courses, rather than in police academies

33)  Research help that my father extended was a book on medical jurisprudence he lent me

34)  Learning through fiction

35)  Portion that I wrote last

36)  A character that came in late

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