Tuesday, October 20, 2009

M. Mahadevan - YouTube links

M. Mahadevan


1)      Introductory remarks

2)      Business means risk-taking

3)      Not greed, but ambition

4)      Rules in the restaurant industry

5)      Started with Rs 60000 investment and four people

6)      Just coming in from Taiwan....

7)      Plans for the Botswana operations

8)      On human resources

9)      The Dubai experience

10)  Think positively, believe in your ideas

11)  Giving jobs is a satisfying experience

12)  I want to set up training institutions

13)  CSR activity

14)  A project in Loyola College for developing skills

15)  How I price my products

16)  Eggless cakes are popular in the US

17)  Essential to build relationship with staff

18)  Work that goes into being genuine

19)  Do hostels fit in the biz model

20)  Food security for the destitute and downtrodden

21)  Loyola students learning entrepreneurship in the bakery

22)  Entrepreneurship spawned by Hot Breads

23)  Focus all along was on the global business

24)  What's the impact of slowdown

25)  I'm promoting one brand called 'food'

26)  First Tier-I, then other places....

27)  Plans for expansion

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