Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kumar Pritamdas Gera - YouTube links

Kumar Pritamdas Gera


1)      A perspective on land banks

2)      A point often missed out when computing real estate profit

3)      Ahmedabad - an example of abundant supply

4)      Aspirational requirements of consumers

5)      Cases of Nagpur and Surat

6)      Corporate governance issues in the real estate sector

7)      Developers don't benefit from high real estate prices

8)      Do other industry bodies work in tandem with real estate confederation

9)      Feasibility of regulation for real estate

10)  Has the industry begun seeing consolidation

11)  Ideal to cater to all segments of the pyramid

12)  Immediate demands of Credai

13)  Impact of sops on future projects

14)  In which price bracket is demand the highest

15)  Is the Government doing enough for real estate

16)  Land replenishment more important than ROI

17)  Listed companies account for only 6 per cent of the market

18)  Need for housing stats

19)  On media reporting of real estate situation

20)  Quick clearances save costs for developers

21)  Slowdown is serious, but it does not merit panic reaction

22)  Special Residential Zones, the real solution


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