Monday, October 19, 2009

Kris Arvind - YouTube links

Kris Arvind


1)      Attitude is 'the edge'

2)      Blue Ocean strategy in practice

3)      Challenges that the returning Indians face

4)      Consultancy as a career option for fresh graduates

5)      Current US, Europe slowdown offers tremendous opportunities

6)      Everybody in the organisation can add value, including drivers

7)      Executive leadership should focus on empowerment, diversity

8)      Financial is just one component of what's in it for me

9)      How manufacturing can grow in spite of constant downward pressure

10)  Increasing use of embedded technology in manufacturing

11)  India and China as manufacturing destinations

12)  India Inc not fast enough in sustainable manufacturing

13)  Indian senior citizens are active, mobile, and tech-savvy

14)  Indian SMEs can bring in professionalism through independent directors

15)  Is there hope for BPOs

16)  Not having a TV gives me 3 hours extra everyday

17)  On healthcare, a new vertical in CGN

18)  On Institute of Directors and the role of independent directors

19)  One of my passions is scuba-diving

20)  Ongoing projects in CGN

21)  Philosophy of living in the present moment

22)  Quit worrying about the young generation

23)  Scope for work in agri-business

24)  Secret of time management is effective goal-setting

25)  Single biggest cost inefficiency in Indian manufacturing

26)  Skills that we look for in CGN

27)  Some of the comparisons between India and China have become cliched

28)  Top complaints of leaders

29)  True leader begins by saying I don't know

30)  Try the 24-hour lockout with email and cellphone

31)  Two signs of a successful leader

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