Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KPMG-IFRS - YouTube links



1)      IFRS implies a paradigm shift

2)      Indian ASB origins

3)      Success of AS-1 on accounting policy

4)      AS-30 covers 50 per cent of balance sheet

5)      If we could adopt the metric system why not IFRS

6)      There are two options before India

7)      A comparison between Indian and international standards

8)      Adapting IFRS to suit SMEs

9)      Need to be proactive in standard formulation

10)  On the ICAI's certificate course in IFRS

11)  Ongoing efforts of companies to transition to IFRS

12)  Fair value is already embedded in our Accounting Standards

13)  Rationale of extensive disclosures in IFRS

14)  Is there any purpose in showing assets at historical cost

15)  How companies ignored hedge accounting

16)  Mechanics of migration to IFRS

17)  Fundamental questions that IFRS raises

18)  IFRS as adopted in India vs global IFRS

19)  'Pretty similar' argument

20)  Look at IFRS holistically

21)  First IFRS financial statements

22)  Problems in voluminous disclosures

23)  This time the pressure to converge is too much

24)  What challenge did IFRS face in the EU

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