Monday, October 19, 2009

K. H. Viswanathan - YouTube links

K. H. Viswanathan


1)      A case study on reducing manpower cost humanely

2)      American HR solutions may not work in India

3)      An acquisition deal and a celebrity tour

4)      Challenges in entertainment tour assignments

5)      Controls in Indian businesses have helped in weathering the storm

6)      Current and recent projects

7)      Customer is an integral partner in growth

8)      Examples of ambiguity in taxation

9)      Factors to be considered by companies that make global bids

10)  How big is India in the global RSM Astute

11)  Indianise the international benchmarks

12)  Lack of clarity in laws makes it difficult to do business in India

13)  Remembering my teacher who made me think big

14)  Role of professionals during the meltdown

15)  Services offered in the non-attest areas

16)  Three qualities that make consultants successful

17)  We have a long way to go in corporate governance

18)  We should refocus on zero-base budgeting

19)  What are good and worrying in the young generation

20)  What are the promising sectors

21)  What is relaxation

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