Saturday, October 10, 2009

Joseph Cherian - YouTube links

1)      Last 3-4 years we have been strengthening the infrastructure and focusing on global biz

2)      Advantage of owning multiple brands

3)      Being global and acting local -- catering to Indian taste

4)      Retail food sector is getting organised now, with a greater global awareness and aspirational level among Indians

5)      Better price possible with economies of scale

6)      Mindset about food is changing

7)      Plans to offer more choice in food

8)      Customisation will be the differentiator in the market

9)      Presence in IT Parks and other campuses

10)  Stores in airports and railway stations

11)  Challenge of getting real estate for locating the stores

12)  Maximum footfalls in malls happen in food outlets

13)  Where should food courts be located in malls

14)  Showrooms can offer a better shopping experience by having a food corner

15)  A tip for handling anger -- Assume innocence

16)  Are the young too habituated to convenience foods

17)  Options for the calorie-conscious

18)  How organised food retail helps tourism -- Thailand example

19)  India vs China, in terms of growth of food retail

20)  Need for food outlets on highways

21)  Chennai as the place of origin

22)  Information technology in food retail

23)  Cost management in food business

24)  Manpower situation in organised food retail

25)  Change required in hospitality education

26)  Media coverage of food sector

27)  Capability for organic growth of brands

28)  Creative use of space by customers of food outlets

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