Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jolly Jose - YouTube links

1)      On the launch of Logoprint

2)      Corporate gifting increases brand visibility in a cost-effective manner

3)      What are below-the-line activities

4)      Membership in the International Gifting Council

5)      Factors that go into a corporate gifting exercise

6)      Ideation and design team works on customising gifts and reward programme

7)      Gifts should preserve the brand value

8)      Mass requirement vs Customisation and exclusivity of corporate gifts

9)      Going beyond traditional seasons, corporate gifting happens all the time

10)  Size of corporate gifting industry

11)  In-house manufacturing of apparels and sourcing of products from a pool of registered vendors

12)  Customers demand innovative products, which are sourced at times from abroad

13)  Quality control of sourced products

14)  Logic behind the logo

15)  Types of product customisation

16)  Needs of SMEs in the corporate gifting space

17)  ISB has made a case study of eYantra

18)  Are companies synchronising their corporate gifts with CSR

19)  Three lines of business, including Web stores and campus stores with logo merchandise

20)  Demand from educational sector, for annual days and alumni events

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