Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jaishree Gopal - YouTube links

Jaishree Gopal


1)      My work, and how I got interested...

2)      Things not scripturally sanctioned got coded into the texts by vested interests

3)      Hinduism has many inclusive aspects, but there are the exclusions too

4)      Does religion play a role in today's life

5)      The future of religious practice

6)      Labels don't cause the problem, but the attitude of superiority does

7)      How inequities get perpetuated in institutions and households

8)      Social consciousness lacking in most organisations

9)      Examples from the history of reform movements

10)  Secularism does not mean absence of religious discussion

11)  Views on Reservation, and managing diversity in IITs

12)  We can develop role models by supporting the gifted children among the socially underprivileged

13)  On gender equality

14)  Women need not give up their careers for the sake of family

15)  Corporates should consciously create diversity

16)  Change necessitates breaking away...

17)  Inclusiveness in politics

18)  Nothing is impossible

19)  Religion should not be race-based

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