Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iqbal Gandham - YouTube links

Iqbal Gandham


1)      What's lacking in TV news

2)      Large companies should not copy what startups do

3)      UK startups that want to enter India

4)      The idea behind Nivio

5)      Economics of Nivio

6)      The only company to put Windows online

7)      It's becoming cool to work for startups

8)      Everyone is getting stuck in tier-1

9)      Internet on the TV vs TV on the Net

10)  Problems of startups

11)  A common complaint of VCs

12)  You don't need to work hard

13)  Email, a culprit in time management

14)  Innovation is a complicated word

15)  How do you measure your wealth

16)  Trends in online space

17)  From eyeballs to revenue, to revenue plus eyeballs

18)  VCs can be more aggressive in funding startups

19)  Nivio's customer base

20)  Three channels to market

21)  Security concerns

22)  Most of your data is already sitting outside

23)  What next

24)  I want to give every village in India a website

25)  Anything for the mobile space

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