Saturday, October 10, 2009

Imran, Vincent, Jeya Prakash - YouTube links

1)      We started V5 as an extension of our college project (Jeya Prakash)

2)      What got us interested in organic agriculture (Vincent)

3)      Inspiration that we received from our teacher (Imran)

4)      Organic vs Chemical pesticide, in terms of effectiveness

5)      Do agricultural products get the right price

6)      Benefits of using local food products

7)      How we gain additional knowledge of agriculture

8)      Observations about the new law that can adversely impact agriculture

9)      Project work -- an opportunity to engage in useful themes

10)  Cooperation from agricultural experts

11)  Use of information technology tools in our work

12)  Does agriculture attract today's youth

13)  Not worried about matrimonial stage

14)  Vertical garden

15)  Keen on spreading awareness of organic practices, among school children and villagers

16)  Assistance in setting up vertical garden

17)  Programmes that we participated in

18)  Looking for sponsors

19)  Current projects

20)  Plants that can be kept within office premises

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