Sunday, October 18, 2009

IFRS-Grant Thornton - YouTube links

IFRS-Grant Thornton


1)      How investigation and proving can be tough in the competition regime

2)      In deals, valuation is bound to reach sanity

3)      Deals are taking longer to close because of funding crunch

4)      Measure inflation using CPI (consumer price index) not WPI

5)      How inflation in India has moved from demand pull to cost push

6)      It's time for IT industry to look at consolidation

7)      Will IFRS pose newer challenges to assurance professionals

8)      Hall view

9)      Why it is necessary for CEOs to be involved in IFRS transition

10)  Convergence is already taking place

11)  On the credit crunch and its impact on different sectors

12)  Cost reduction and selective spending to tide over the crisis

13)  Grant Thornton coming up with a study on corporate governance

14)  IFRS convergence vs adoption

15)  CFOs are more careful these days before entering into derivatives contracts

16)  At Grant Thornton we began working on IFRS conversion 4 years back

17)  How is the Indian experience in IFRS different from the global transitions

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