Monday, October 19, 2009

Giridhar Bail - YouTube links

Giridhar Bail


1)      A common misconception about finances is that nothing can go wrong

2)      Advisory on asset allocation

3)      Demo of cashflow

4)      Demo of how data are captured  

5)      Demo of the data that have to be entered

6)      Demo of the wealth checkup report that is generated

7)      Everything is presented in one title page rather than in multiple pages

8)      Financial advice for these turbulent times

9)      Holistic financial approach has to go beyond mere calculator

10)  How I got interested in developing Finnplann

11)  ICAI syllabus emphasises corporate needs, not individual's

12)  It took medical diagnostics decades to become the standard

13)  Master wealth check-up

14)  Non-urban India is keen to look at anything new and make it work

15)  On Finnplann pricing

16)  On the financial planning awareness

17)  Today. good talent comes from rural and semi-urban places

18)  Understanding cash inflows and outflows

19)  What has been the response to the product

20)  Why ratios have to be calibrated to age

21)  Why we switched from desktop version to a Web-based one

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