Sunday, October 18, 2009

G. Sundaram - YouTube links

G. Sundaram


1)      Remembering my teacher Natesa Iyer

2)      Honesty is not an old-fashioned concept

3)      Obama is an important example for the young people

4)      On the thought of starting a political party

5)      The positives that people generally ignore

6)      New ideas take a long time to be accepted

7)      How the media can help in the reform process

8)      Role of the media

9)      National vs local coverage in newspapers

10)  How to keep fit

11)  What is idealism

12)  How to choose an NGO to support

13)  Overall development is possible

14)  Public anger helps the system to correct itself

15)  On the Naxal movement

16)  Dharma of bureaucracy

17)  Bureaucrats should advise politicians

18)  Role of the citizens

19)  Responsibility of businesses

20)  Businesses should not use slowdown as an excuse to get rid of people


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