Monday, October 19, 2009

D. Sathish Babu - YouTube links

D. Sathish Babu


1)      When I met Sir Richard Branson the first time

2)      UniverCell's association with Virgin Mobile

3)      When I saw Branson leaping from the 15th floor

4)      If you are sincere and fair, people come to work for you

5)      An anecdote on how we take care of our people

6)      Lessons learnt from different States

7)      Remembering my maths teacher who made me write '1000 times'

8)      What makes for the right attitude in a job-seeker

9)      On Kishore Biyani's book 'It Happened in India'

10)  I know there's a problem if I get calls at odd hours

11)  Only if you allow pressure to come in, it becomes dangerous

12)  One good thing about the young, and one worrying thing

13)  On the common complaint of parents that children are spoilt

14)  Human relationship is more important than success can ever be

15)  When you are honest it doesn't hurt, rather it earns respect

16)  What is successful performance

17)  Last 15 years I've been collecting articles about successful

18)  Simple measures to save energy

19)  Outlook for telecom and retail industries

20)  On recent funding for expansion

21)  Opportunities in India are huge

22)  UniverCell's plan is to expand from retailing to eTailing

23)  Mobile phone can be like an Internet kiosk in hand

24)  What has changed in me over the years

25)  Rural India talks about memory card, download, and GPRS

26)  Technology brings people closer, faster

27)  Mobile technology instrumental in better understanding

28)  SMS polls help in knowing people's views live

29)  Encourage people who want to do business

30)  Should cellphones be banned in schools

31)  Colleges should impart soft skills to students

32)  How the name UniverCell was born

33)  UniverCell's plans to be a retail chain across the country

34)  Mobile phone hand-set prices need to be lower

35)  After-sales service is key for mobile phones

36)  What do people look for in mobiles

37)  How consumers' mobile shopping pattern has changed

38)  We are not into selling used phones on our site

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