Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Charles Nicholl


1)      A thought from 'The Smoking Diaries' by Simon Gray

2)      A tip for time management

3)      Authors can be a model for ways of thinking in an increasingly celebrity-driven world

4)      Banning a book creates the opposite effect of creating interest in the book

5)      Do I see history repeating itself

6)      Elizabethan pamphleteer Thomas Nashe comes closest to journalist....

7)      Every contact leaves traces, so I pursue the characters who brushed against Shakespeare

8)      Great sense of enthusiasm and excitement in India for the written word

9)      Have I been resisting the temptation of writing about the 'here and now'

10)  How do I write

11)  Information from the world of secret service has to be taken as a performance

12)  Journalist vs Author - the differences

13)  Literature always struggles within a society which as a whole undervalues it

14)  Writer doesn't have the immediacy of impact that a musician has

15)  Literature and literacy

16)  My next book is about a black slave boy from Jamaica

17)  On the books pages of newspapers

18)  Opposition from the followers of Marlowe

19)  Playhouses had their finger right on the pulse of contemporary culture

20)  Reading is not high on the agenda because it seems an awful commitment of time and effort

21)  Recognise that writers aren't a race apart

22)  Remembering my teacher

23)  Shakespeare's deposition in the court is the beginning - (author reading)

24)  The book trade has been hijacked by the marketing department

25)  The Christopher Marlowe case

26)  The good journalist always goes beyond the safe environment

27)  'The Lodger' catches Shakespeare in a moment of ordinariness

28)  The tale of Thomas Coryate 'the English fakir' who walked to India

29)  There is a great interest now in the UK in translated work

30)  Who chronicles life better, a writer or a journalist

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