Sunday, October 18, 2009

C. Venkat Subramanyam - YouTube links

C. Venkat Subramanyam


1)      We have moved from 'vision' to book value

2)      Deals are happening but there are challenges

3)      How long will it take to recover

4)      What is 'recovery'

5)      Do policy measures have any impact

6)      Woes of the real estate sector

7)      Three types of companies

8)      Funding options

9)      Options before those who lately acquired

10)  When survival is the key issue, growth plans take a back-seat

11)  Invest 25 per cent in equity

12)  Any sectors that are insulated from the meltdown

13)  On agro and education

14)  Policy decisions unlikely till the elections

15)  Are the CEOs still in a denial mode

16)  Will there be tighter regulation

17)  Difference between the current crisis and the earlier one

18)  Three things that can make Government spending effective

19)  Where sops are required

20)  A reading of the political scenario


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