Sunday, October 18, 2009

C. M. Somasundaram - YouTube links

C. M. Somasundaram


1)      Astrological analysis of Indian and US economies

2)      Both good and bad are self-invited

3)      Career and study options change

4)      Chastity plays a key role in horoscope

5)      Conviction and jail-term arising from wrong intentions

6)      Eminence of Tamil Nadu's Siddha philosophy and astrology

7)      Employment vs Business

8)      Example of how a foreign insurance company used astrology

9)      Fear of God is key to prosperity

10)  Greed shows in the charts

11)  How a calamity can affect many people

12)  How to find if a going concern is being managed well

13)  How to find if a going concern is being managed well

14)  How to learn more about Siddhas

15)  Intelligence vs application of the same

16)  Is any salvation in sight

17)  Judging the right career choice

18)  Meaningless divorce on the increase

19)  Parents should set the right model

20)  People seek the astrologer, not vice versa

21)  Positions in horoscope that predict business development

22)  Raasi charts with just thumb impression

23)  Recite slokas before commencing your daily routine

24)  Remembering Dr Guruswamy Mudaliar

25)  Siddhar songs, a few examples

26)  Strength of India is the belief in God

27)  Thrift is innate in Indians and that is coming to our rescue now

28)  Value of Indian medicine

29)  Values to be instilled in children

30)  Wealth amassed through wrong means add to karma baggage

31)  What a reading of Ramalinga Raju's horoscope reveals

32)  Will Satyam employees be affected

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