Saturday, October 17, 2009

C. Devarajan - YouTube links

C. Devarajan


1)      Is village life rightly projected by movies

2)      Inclusive growth is necessary

3)      Indian IT industry must now focus on the domestic institutional demand

4)      Rural India will not be affected by the current economic meltdown

5)      Media can be a bridge between the rural and urban India

6)      Successful people look for opportunities to give back to their villages

7)      A reunion to rejuvenate the village through a temple project

8)      We want to be known as an Erode-based company

9)      Positives that rural people bring into cities

10)  The child has ample opportunity for growth in villages

11)  Lessons that students from city colleges can learn by visiting rural campuses

12)  Inculcating dignity of labour

13)  Our organisational values

14)  Communication skill a major hurdle for rural students

15)  Challenges we faced in nurturing our campus

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