Saturday, October 10, 2009

Biju Savindran - YouTube links

1)      Services offered by Metroplots

2)      Business model is transaction-based

3)      Real estate scene in Chennai

4)      New projects vs Resale market for real estate

5)      Hassles that real estate buyers generally go through

6)      Conflict of interest that is common among the real estate agents

7)      Motivation behind my venture

8)      Guideline value vs Market price of real estate

9)      Observations about corruption in the industry

10)  Regulating real estate industry can begin by stipulating who can be an agent

11)  Two types of NRIs, from a real estate perspective

12)  Many NRIs expect that Chennai property should be less expensive

13)  Vaastu and other considerations that come into real estate buying

14)  Factors that you should bear in mind when buying property

15)  Our Website is only 20 per cent of what we do

16)  Is rural property on the radar of real estate customers

17)  Challenge that we face when verifying property documents

18)  Commercial property services

19)  Property sellers should guard against relying on the wrong people for sale

20)  As a startup we are focusing on a few services before moving into property management and other services

21)  Funding will be required to scale up our operations

22)  More demand in Medavakkam and Velachery than in OMR

23)  Demand is more based on accessibility to airport and railway station

24)  Relevance of my CMU education to the business

25)  CMU professors continue to motivate me

26)  One question that a CMU student asked Abdul Kalam

27)  Views about Indian bureaucracy

28)  Entrepreneurship development in campuses

29)  The 'Estimate' tool in our Website

30)  Metroplots site may offer more information than the developer's

31)  Potential to develop Chennai's beach and rivers

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