Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Balaji Sreenivasan

Balaji Sreenivasan, Founder & CEO Aurigo Software (http://www.aurigo.com/)
October 6, 2009, 7.30 am (Nag)


D. Murali said...

From LinkedIn:
On 3/19/15, 4:44 AM, Balaji Sreenivasan wrote:
Mr. Murli:

You had interviewed me at Nageshwar Rao Park (Chennai) in 2010 and posted several YouTube videos (Aurigo software) online.

The Aurigo business has evolved considerably and the content in these videos are not relevant to our business anymore and often perceived as misleading given what we do. I had written to you before asking these to be removed but did not hear back.

I am writing to ask you to kindly remove these videos on priority. Writing to YouTube to block them would only be a last resort and I hope you can look into this on priority.

I am based in the US and copying my colleague in India, Nitin Date to work with you in resolving this.

Balaji Sreenivasan
CEO, Aurigo Software Inc.

D. Murali said...

Through YouTube message:
19 March 2015 07:10AM


My name is Leila Lewis. I'm the Marketing Communications Manager at Aurigo Software. I respectfully ask that you remove the videos of Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO of Aurigo. The information contained within the videos is outdated.Please feel free to contact me at leila.lewis@aurigo.com or if you'd like to confirm directly with Balaji, his e-mail address is balaji.sreenivasan@aurigo.com.

I appreciate your time and consideration.
Thank you,