Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy - YouTube links

A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy


1)      Alacrity, a company with values

2)      How we won the cooperation of workers

3)      Fairness, firmness, and integrity yield results

4)      A refreshing perspective on trade unions

5)      ISABS-Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences

6)      We are first taught that our language is inferior

7)      Government schools are closing owing to lack of demand

8)      Why should bus tickets be in English

9)      How can Tamil be popularised

10)  Role of electronic media in enlivening Tamil

11)  We should begin by speaking in Tamil

12)  We make better secretaries and babus rather than the leader

13)  Ideal school

14)  Corporates should adopt local language

15)  Secrets of a project's success

16)  Flaw in oil pricing

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