Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ashok Bala Rajanan - YouTube links

Ashok Bala Rajanan


1)      What most people lack is the ability to get along with other people

2)      Remembering my teacher....

3)      Perfection is a myth, so strive for completion that satisfies

4)      How to turn pain into pleasure

5)      If you find studying a pain what should you do

6)      Author reading his book - a section on 'lips'

7)      The 'finishing touch' programme for students-1

8)      The 'finishing touch' programme for students-2

9)      Motivational talk on the first day of college

10)  Essential counsel for parents of school-leaving children

11)  You can never manage time consistently

12)  We are more danger-sensitive than feeling secure

13)  Types of meditation and how 'mantra' torpedoes thoughts

14)  Compress and relax to bust stress

15)  Role of voice quality in communication

16)  What is the role of a role-model


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