Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arun Subramony - YouTube links

1)      On the joint venture between GE and UST Global, to be headquartered in Chile

2)      Why Chile, as a destination

3)      Opportunity to put Chile on the IT map, replicating our Kerala experience

4)      First JV of GE with an IT services company

5)      Key success factor in JV is a shared goal

6)      Looking back at the year gone by

7)      Strength of the retail and health-care verticals

8)      Message from the results of the recent Indian elections

9)      Nandan's task will be a challenging one

10)  Am I planning to relocate to Chile

11)  The new 4 Ps of marketing

12)  Stunning response of the Latin American media to the JV

13)  Training programme planned for the first batch of Chilean employees

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