Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anu Parthasarathy - YouTube links

Anu Parthasarathy


1)      Prospects for investment banking

2)      Investment banking - a case of failure despite best skills

3)      The industry was used to cyclical changes

4)      Intelligent people have a way of insulating themselves

5)      Poor performance is suddenly discovered in a downturn

6)      Big companies are not people-dependent

7)      Can attitude be measured

8)      How management depth is important for startups

9)      Now, it's just not global delivery, but global everything

10)  Leaders are many but mostly invisible

11)  To perform, leaders need time and the right environment

12)  Why the usual parameters may fail in leadership selection

13)  We have not generated enough leaders, why

14)  What family businesses must do

15)  Lessons to learn from the IT industry

16)  How hibernation helps

17)  Symptoms of burnout

18)  Work-life balance, working from home

19)  Are Indian companies ready for foreign CEOs

20)  We don't have diversity at workplaces

21)  Can't you get us a woman leader

22)  What can be done to increase the number of women in top positions

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