Sunday, September 27, 2009

W. Thomas Stanley, Arati Bam - YouTube links

Customer needs for storage of information assets continues to grow

Software difference that NetApp offers

Data on tap -- the comfort offered to CIOs

Sectors where storage requirements are growing faster

File size growing with increasing consumer demand

Areas of research in storage technology

Reaching consumers through partners

Hosted solutions -- Example of book buying

Development centre in Bangalore (Arati)

Observations about the younger generation

Mentoring of young men and women

Can one person make a difference

What I communicate to my team

Pervasive need for leadership and mentoring

A key tip for fitness

Three pillars that NetApp believes in

The offer of 50 per cent guarantee

Government projects with a global approach

Cloud computing is more than hype, it is real

Economics of SaaS

Green dimensions of storage

Implementation of Green in Bangalore

Potential for growth through system integrator community

Innovation comes both from startups and bigger corporations

Employees, the third pillar of the company

Difference that people make, whatever may be the level of technology

Disaster recovery considerations

Continuity of operations vs Disaster recovery

Reducing infrastructure's footprint while increasing the capacity

Global business of NetApp

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