Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Suresh Sambandam - YouTube links

Work of OrangeScape

From spreadsheets to applications

SaaS market and its size

Advantage of SaaS (in Tamil)

Funding models will change with the growth of SaaS

Experience of SaaS in Web 2 dot oh for the B2C space

What will be the differentiator of enterprises

Enterprise software players making strategic investments in SaaS

Hosting vs SaaS

Dearth of technology information in the vernacular

Skills needed in the SaaS field

Power of online vs Power of brand

Are CIOs willing to adopt SaaS

Security concerns in cloud computing and SaaS

How do businesses protect themselves from change in ownership of software vendor

Due diligence that customers do before tying up with a SaaS vendor

Myths about SaaS

As consumers we have been experiencing the SaaS model for long

Exciting change that SaaS will bring into Indian IT landscape

Global vs Local, as the focus of SaaS

Current projects

Government leveraging SaaS

Plans for going global

Is the Government corrupt

Observations about domestic IT market

Multiple forces driving SMEs towards SaaS

Improvement needed in IT education

Does SaaS sector get the required talent

Moving to a different value game from the success of IT services

Lines between IT, ITeS and BPO getting blurred

Help that IT product companies require in terms of funding

Community collateral concept

Switching jobs adversely impacts domain expertise gathering

Standards for SaaS

Broadband adoption will increase due to SaaS

Education applications of SaaS -- Example of Everonn

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