Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sudhir Dixit - YouTube links

Innovations are the life-blood of any technology company

Focus of HP Labs is on eight areas

Innovation for the next billion is the focus of the India lab

Intuitive interaction based on context

Immersive interaction research in India

What is innovation

Example of touch-sensitive screen as an innovation with great impact

Richer experience through immersive interaction

Putting modalities together

Relevance of mobile platform in the product portfolio

Enriching human-computer interface by combining physical and digital inputs

Open innovation approach involving other institutions

Profile of talent in HP Labs

Sharpening focus of research in a collaborative manner

Interactions with business units are also a source of ideas

Exploratory and Applied research

Researchers like to operate in uncertainty

Resilience, a key quality of researchers

Publication of research, filing of patents

Customer view is taken into account during project formulation

Productivity increase through intuitive interaction

Application of research technology in solving specific problems

Projects that look at social networking, personalised video, cloud computing

SMB-related work in HP Labs

Three reasons for digital divide

Maturity levels of products

Pervasive technology

Soft computing, chaos, fuzzy computing

Sustainability area of research and green studies

Aim is to make technology easier to use and widespread in adoption

Can we have a printer that doesn't need a computer to print a file

Power-saving of mobile phones as an approach for other devices

Saving of power between CRT and LCD

Examples of projects such as reusable plastic for printing

How about a customised newspaper from a kiosk

Timing has to be right for technology to reach the consumer

Ingredients of cloud were there already and now the security issues have to be resolved

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