Monday, September 7, 2009

P. G. Subramaniam - YouTube links

Excellence has to be a habit, it is not a destination or milestone

Nation-wide survey on organisational excellence conducted in association with KPMG

Common attributes of speakers chosen for the conference

Two categories of learning - recursive and combinatorial

What has been the response to the views on excellence

Fuzziness is not an issue when dealing with excellence

Does organisational excellence get attention during slowdown

Are boardrooms discussing quality

Approach towards quality certifications in India and other countries

Short-term demands vs Long-term goal of excellence

Leadership has to go beyond the checklist approach to quality, and work at transforming organisational culture

Culture-building requires inspiration from leaders, not direction

Metrics of excellence

Media coverage of business excellence

How academia can identify excellence among organisations

Change required at the school level

Two essential factors to make cultural change feasible in organisations

Align quality initiatives to business strategy

The ROI concern can stifle quality initiatives

Who can be the change agents within organisations

Individual, team, and organisational excellence

Definition of performance and excellence should not be short-sighted

Competency vs Mere performance, when staffing

Current projects

Organisation building is a challenge for entrepreneurs

Observations about the food processing industry

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