Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Naresh Gulati

Naresh Gulati, CEO and Founder, OCA Group Pty Ltd, Australia
September 22, 2009, 1 pm
Naresh Gulati
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Murali said...

Mr. Naresh Gulati, born at Chandigarh [India], is the CEO and founder of the OCA Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne Australia. He started his business journey at the age of 15, selling candles on the road side during Diwali at Chandigarh to reduce hardships on family after his father’s business had failed. This enterprise was funded by Rs. 5, 000 as seed money sourced from a few relatives. He sold candles for four years after which he switched to selling fabrics on the roadside. At the recommendation of a friend he decided to pursue a diploma course in electronic data processing to get a clerical job. Upon completion of the course Mr. Gulati set up a computer centre Chandigarh. Gradually he diversified his business and also set up a distribution company Biotique cosmetics.

With his economic condition improving, he decided to move to Australia in 1996 to pursue a post graduate course in information systems from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. He faced major problems as an international student due to improper guidance from different sources. Oceanic Consultants Australia was a direct result of the Australian education experience. Studying during the day and working night shifts to meet expenses and pay the fees was the only way to cope in a country where the support group was also limited. Realising that he could not be the only person with this experience Mr Gulati started a business that would guide students in the right direction and provide them impartial advice. He approached various academic institutions and put a business proposition to enhance their offer to international students. A subsequent business idea by Mr. Gulati spawned BPO Intelligence that helps universities and educational institutions increase their revenue base by reducing costs in printing, storage, marketing, document processing and global mail outs.

Started with an initial investment of AUD 3,500, this enterprise, now known as the Oceanic Consultants Australia (OCA Group) Pty Ltd, is valued at more than AUD 120 million. A highly successful businessman and visionary, Mr. Gulati is a sought after speaker at numerous industry forums and conferences organised by various institutions such as University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia, Microsoft India etc.
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Murali said...

Oceanic Consultants Australia (OCA Group) Pty Ltd is an Australia based company that offers a range of services to the international education industry. Leading educational institutions and students with an interest in international education are increasingly opting for customised solutions provided by OCA Group. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, with offices in various parts of India. OCA Group’s turnover for fiscal 2008 was 17.9 million AUD, up from 10.7 million AUD in 2007.

OCA Group is a holding company of the following 3 businesses:

Oceanic Consultants, BPO Intelligence Pty. Ltd and Object Next Software Pty. Ltd

Oceanic Consultants: Oceanic Consultants is a premier advice centre offering complete overseas education solutions to the students wishing to study in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. It is one of the leading agencies in the international education industry today. Oceanic Consultants provides world class support to students in India through its wide network of offices in Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Oceanic Consultants Australia (OCA) Group is investing AUD 10 million for setting up 70 offices across India to grow its international student recruitment business in India. www.oceanicconsultants.com

BPO Intelligence Pty. Ltd.: It offers outsourcing solutions that helps educational institutions involved in the recruitment of the international students to significantly cut their costs and become more efficient through innovative business processes and technology. Outsourcing solutions offered include promotional material printing and distribution, admission outsourcing and offer letter or mail out management. Leading universities and educational institutes in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America continuously ask for services of BPO Intelligence Pty. Ltd. The company was also listed as one of the top 100 fast start-up companies in Australia across the entire sector by Australia’s leading business magazine BRW (www.brw.com.au.) www.bpointelligence.com

Object Next Software Pty. Ltd.: Through a team of highly experienced business strategists, management consultants, project managers and software developers, Object Next Software Pty Ltd. develops high quality customized software solutions that help reduce their operating costs and increase productivity of its clients. The company is currently developing a state of art IT system for the educational institutions that are involved in the recruitment of the international students. www.objectnext.com

The OCA Group is driven by the core values of 'Ethics, Expertise and Leadership’. In the 2008 Australian Business Awards, the company was honoured with the "Enterprise Award," in recognition of its innovative business processes, ethics, product development, sustainability and overall business success.