Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Naresh Gulati - YouTube links

Study streams that are popular among students going to Australia

Returning to India vs Staying back in Australia

Upgrading skills, the best investment during recession

Impact of the racial controversy on student movement to Australia

Working in night jobs carries with it certain risks

India has not projected itself as an international education destination

Culture shock that students face when they land in Australia

Orientation programmes in educational institutions

Network expansion in India, to create a national brand

Homework that students should do before deciding on overseas education

Views about the young generation

Essential quality of entrepreneurs

Story of how I started the outsourcing business

Students should do a project plan of their investment in education

Chartered accountants and other professionals going to Australia

Role that many Indians play in Australian communities

Scope for Indian businesses in Australia

Understanding Australian education system

Recognition of Australian degree in India

Graduate outcome is carefully monitored in Australian universities

Aspects about Australia that need to be highlighted

Overseas education is about an experience, not just a degree

A simple message to the youth -- Don't listen to people

A book that I am currently writing

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