Monday, September 28, 2009

L. R. Natarajan - YouTube links

Remembering my teacher

A thought from CK's book, New Age of Innovation

Leadership in uncertain conditions is possible only through innovation

Understanding customers during a downturn

Impact of economic crisis on jewellery industry, in rural markets

Patterns of gold investment

Does gold speculation affect genuine customers

Is this the right time to buy gold

Husband usually encourages wife to buy gold, rather than silk sarees

India is unique in using gold jewellery

Bollywood effect on jewellery fashion

Innovation even while retaining traditional flavour

How does the jewellery industry operate

Status of jewellery-related education

Common mistakes that people make when buying jewellery

Consumer awareness lacking when shopping

Policy directions regarding jewellery trade

Rural vs Urban customers

Is safety a concern when people buy jewellery

Preferences of the younger generation

Plans in jewellery retail

Co-creating jewellery with the customers' inputs

Loyalty programme

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