Friday, August 7, 2009

Ingrid B. Henick - YouTube links

Recent elections in India have brought in lot more stability

India continues to offer enormous opportunities to business

Challenges to business, especially on the defence side

Products acceptable in India may not always be accepted in the US, and Nano is an example

Indian companies in the US have to demonstrate job creation here

IT companies from India moving up the value chain

Nasscom encourages its members to be compliant with visa policies

Till recovery happens Indian IT companies will continue to face the challenge

Need to continue IT sops at this point in time

Observations about economic recovery

National ID project is an important step

Homeland security task in India

Successful professionals in leadership positions

Implications of transparency of public systems

Achievements of Indian Railways

Should businesses adopt a unified approach

Multiple industry bodies and SME focus

Opportunities that Indian entrepreneurs can exploit in the US

Spending habits of the younger generation

Near-term challenge for the financial services sector

China vs India, as a destination

Difficulties of SMEs

Feasibility of IT consortium

Consolidation in the airline space

In India joint ventures are still important

Reasonable to expect the FDI cap in defence to go up

Enforcement of policies is essential -- Example of Competition Commission

Hurdles for philanthropy

Encouraging to see emphasis on renewable energy

Forthcoming trip to India

Enormous promise for the aviation sector

Flip side of subsidising oil prices

Role of lobbying

Initiatives towards transparency -- Example of RTI

Goal of setting up an office in India

Current projects

R and D, innovation -- through tie-ups with academia

We can expect Indian companies taking the advantage of collaborating with universities

How much longer will it be that Indian students go out for education

Case of returning Indians

India, a place I fell in love with

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