Friday, September 18, 2009

C. K. Kumaravel - YouTube links

Target to open the 100th salon by March

Origin and growth of Naturals

Is 'unisex' an accepted format

Family members choose their own timing

On funding of the enterprise

Exploring private equity investment

Positioning of Naturals as a mass premium offering

Unlearning of FMCG lessons

Efficacy of natural products

Working women have changed this market

Hair colouring and straightening are common now

Preferences of men and women

Herbal vs Chemical products

Where should the salon be located

Has real-estate correction made it easier to expand operations

Regional politics that come in the way of business

North-Eastern India, a source for good human resource

Training programme for recruits

Employees participate in competitions

Remembering my teacher for his autograph

A thought from a book about the Japanese way of thinking

Asset vs Liability

Observations about the younger generation

Do sports personalities and movie stars influence style

Scope for innovation that stylists explore

Technology adds some fun value

Experience of 'Beauty on Wheels'

Salon in corporate campuses

Tips for looking good

Grooming as a cultural characteristic

Complexity of India makes it difficult to understand the market

Price when the service becomes a lifestyle accessory

Relevance of looking and feeling good to progress in life

Challenge to a chain salon is to provide uniform service

Three checks to ensure uniformity of service

Entrepreneur identifies the opportunity

There should be support when entrepreneurs fail

Why not a grooming service for senior citizens

Examples of entrepreneurs from the ranks of employees

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