Friday, September 25, 2009

B. Madhavan - YouTube links

Major concerns of B-school

On the new education policies and their impact on higher education

We aim at students with CAT score more than 60

Quality of B-school, a key factor

Due diligence that students must do before choosing a B-school

Effectiveness of peer group depends on quality of students

Ambition levels vs Employer loyalty

Views on the new generation of students

Is there panic among students about the economic situation

Sectors that are absorbing B-school output

Remembering my teacher

Reward good work without fail

Common ills in management

Management of public sector vs private sector

Need to review curriculum regularly

Courses tailor-made for corporates

Entrepreneurial initiative in the campus

Case studies written in ITM

No advantage in an overseas MBA

Behind every management success or failure there is HR issue

It is possible to be small and self-sustaining in India

Success stories in management don't get chronicled

Satisfaction of an MBA in a small vs big enterprise

Managerial skills in political leaders

Succession planning in enterprises

Coverage of business developments by the financial media

Indian enterprises missing out on diversity

Diversity within the campus

Executive development programmes

Importance of holistic development of intellectual, emotional and ethical dimensions

Insights on management from Indian philosophy

Chronicling is not alien to our tradition

How to judge success

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