Thursday, July 23, 2009

V. Rama Kumar - Videos

These are times for leaders to emerge and set a trend

Really good companies are investing for the future

We are investing in electronic payment products and frameworks

Budget reflects readiness for expenditure, and also Government initiatives

Innovative payment and collection system can reduce transaction cost and increase ease of use

Biometric and contactless payment projects

Card that can provide biometric authentication

Reaching villages with hand-held devices that have biometric facility, and also wireless terminals

Cricket lessons from my dad

One valuable work lesson -- 90 days to try out any new idea

Young employees should be given 90-day goals to begin with

The way companies position themselves to their vendor should change

Prioritisation as a tip for time management

One signal that tells me there is a problem -- When there is no question in a town-hall meeting

What to do when no questions are forthcoming from the employees

Quarterly appraisal system and its advantages

Technology will eliminate middlemen

Closed-loop payment systems in campuses and townships

Trends in prepaid card usage

Growth of company after the acquisition of Cybercash India

We need solutions for the large number of people who cannot open a bank account

Our banking system's conservatism is the reason for its strength

One view of financial position across institutions can give a granular picture to the user

Vision for Tarang over the next three years

Thought that went into naming the company

Good examples of entrepreneurship in India

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