Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ravinder Zutshi

Ravinder Zutshi, Dy Managing Director, Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd, New Delhi (www.samsung.com)
August 4, 2008, 9 am (Outside Marriott New York Marquis)

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Pooja said...

Dear Mr. Ravinder,
My Washing Machine was blast on 16th June, 2010. That time my mother was washing the clothes. Due to that blast my Refrigerator and one wall was damaged. I have informed your Service Team on next day. That time I was planning to file an FIR but your team requested me to not to file the FIR for same. They were saying that your amount will be refunded.
I have done everything which was said by your service team. But now they are denying their own words. They were asking for the bill of the machine and i have send 4 times the scanned copy of the bill, but your team is still doing nothing even they are not investigating the things with their dealer. And telling me that it is not our job.
I have mailed more than 13 times to your customer care id, and called about 40 times to your call centre. Two days back my father called to call centre, then Ms.Madhulika started a conference call with Mr. Rakesh Kumar. Rakesh and his team has taken the photographs of my machine.
Mr. Rakesh Kumar has said very rudely that I can not do anything for you, even you are injured or your household and walls are damaged. And Ms. Madhulika was supporting him only. That statement is SHAMEFUL.
I am following up with your team from last 5 months and nobody is doing anything for me. I am very disappointed with this thing. I have lost more than Rs.800/- in calling your team. And they are giving me the offer of Rs.800/- to pay against the machine. I have feel very bad.
Such type of False Commitment and Poor Service by the authorized persons of a reputed company like yours is indeed regrettable and unfortunate. My experience is very bad about your commitment and service. I do not want to talk to Mr. Rakesh and Ms. Madhulika in this regard. I need the my money refund and Apology Letter for the harshment from Samsung.

Hence I request you to personally look into the matter and do the needful on urgent basis.


0-9999268895 / 011-26180752