Sunday, July 26, 2009

R. Venkata Subramani - Videos

Lack of regulation a key reason for the economic crisis

Author reading the book

Motivation for writing the book

What the subsequent volumes will cover

Credit default swaps to be dealt with in one of the volumes

US GAAP perspective of accounting for investments

Writing discipline

Relevance of the book for university courses

Divergence between Indian and international accounting standards reducing

Why CDS failed

Views on how the media covered the financial crisis

Regulation after the financial crisis

What is a hedge fund

Is India ripe enough for hedge funds

Work of Variman Capital Markets Services

Role of administrator for hedge fund

FX element in investments

Aggressive sale of forward positions by some banks

Companies will have to be educated about the new accounting standards

Approach of the book is to deal with the entire trade lifecycle

You need math to understand valuation, rather than accounting

Do accounting software packages handle investment banking requirements

Managers who understand accounting assist the techies

Lessons from technology sector for the accounting profession

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