Wednesday, August 26, 2009

K. K. Raman - DLF - Videos

Views on the status of infrastructure sector

Real-estate is a politically-connected industry

DLF setting a benchmark in real-estate

Use of ERP in real-estate brings standardisation

From accommodation to specifications to life-style -- evolution of customer preferences when buying apartments

Upcoming projects, and the challenges in Chennai market

Impact of economic crisis on real-estate investments

Media coverage of real-estate developments

For the first time in about 80 years, real-estate demand collapsed in all countries

Affordable housing can be created only in the suburbs, not within the city

Government has to look at real-estate as an industry

If enough purchasing power is put in people's hands, no incentives may be required for real-estate investment

On the extent of regulation of real-estate industry

Specifications of affordable housing complexes

Do customers ask for life-style facilities in housing complexes

Are we witnessing an increasing synchronisation of Government's infrastructure policies and real-estate industry

Average age of home-buyer has been steadily declining

Some of the quick decisions that DLF took when crisis hit the economy

Cost reduction is always a priority area

Savings through volume purchases

Greater mechanisation in work sites

Urban renewal is happening in pockets

Difficulties in urban renewal of residential complexes

Energy saving potential in residential units

Payback of green buildings through carbon credits

Technology absorption in real-estate industry

Rules inhibit the building of skyscrapers

Advantages of living in gated communities

Indian GDP was held together by rural demand

Temple renovation initiatives in my village

Urbanisation in the West and in India

Have the living conditions of construction labour improved

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