Monday, August 3, 2009

CII Institute of Logistics - Videos

On biodiversity work (V. Arivudai Nambi)

Cost reduction has to come from elimination of waste (S. Ravichandran)

Selling pattern in Indian environment (Prasad Rao N)

Challenges in handling glass (R. Ramesh)

Newer applications of glass (R. Ramesh)

Is information becoming costlier (Anand Narayan)

Manufacturers and service-providers have different mind-sets (Bisweswar Pathra)

Strategic partnering relationship is lacking (Bisweswar Pathra)

Two-thirds of all transporters have a fleet size of about 5 units (Anand Narayan)

Do we really understand our supply chain (S. Ravichandran)

What is logistics cost (S. Ravichandran)

There are 5 pillars of logistics (S. Ravichandran)

Transportation cost is a fraction of the total supply chain cost (S. Ravichandran)

People are looking at insurance as a cost (S. Ravichandran)

Multiple satellite warehouses to offer just-in-time supply to manufacturer can be wasteful (Prasad Rao N)

Distribution centre concept, 3PL, triple-I (Prasad Rao N)

Question is -- how much visibility do you want of the supply chain (S. Ravichandran)

Regular system of reverse logistics (N. Mohanakrishnan)

Waste disposal at the cost of a water-body (Bhagwan Singh)

Vendor-managed inventory (N. Mohanakrishnan)

Toyota example (S. Ravichandran)

On attrition in logistics (S. Ravichandran)

Trying to get some sound-bytes (Bhagwan Singh)

Tamil Nadu political scene (Bhagwan Singh)

Technology interconnectivity is not so much an issue in logistics (Anand Narayan)

Positive developments in transportation (Anand Narayan)

Systemic efficiencies required in ports (Anand Narayan)

Difficulty in measuring some of the logistics costs (Anand Narayan)

Are people causing delays in the supply chain aware of costs (Anand Narayan)

Services fees for logistics will be linked to the productivity of the end consumer (Anand Narayan)

Utilisation of idle capacity in logistics can be facilitated through technology platforms (Anand Narayan)

Hub-and-spoke model, dynamic pricing and such initiatives may have to be leveraged in logistics (Anand Narayan)

Hopes that Government will also look for efficiencies in logistics (Anand Narayan)

Four lines of business in Vestal Enterprises (Mukundan)

Three current projects (Mukundan)

A solution for mid-sized IT companies in India (Mukundan)

Manufacturers recognise that growth is from non-metro and rural markets (Clifford Patrao)

Does the logistics industry attract investments (Clifford Patrao)

Logistics service providers are a critical link in supply chain (Clifford Patrao)

What role has the Government to play to achieve maturity in the logistics industry (Clifford Patrao)

Impact of Budget on logistics industry (Prasad Rao N)

Increasing recognition of logistics as an area for cost efficiencies (Prasad Rao N)

Importance of the head of logistics function in organisations (Prasad Rao N)

All industries, not just manufacturing, give attention to logistics (Prasad Rao N)

Reverse logistics is not practised in all the industries in India (Prasad Rao N)

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