Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swami Brahmavihari - Videos

A story about turning even religion into business

In this age of Satyam, spirituality can no longer be a footnote, it has to be a foundation for life

Without ethics, the best of us can become the worst

Being good alone is not enough, be good for someone or something

Rich vs Poor -- a matter of perspective

Lessons from the life of Ivar Krueger

Many times in life, the invisible things are more important than the visible ones

Public success vs Private failure

Concept of excellence can be understood by seeing the inner world

Akshardham cultural centre to come up in New Jersey

Go out into the world like Krishna

How Kalam managed the media -- an anecdote

If you can't give, at least forgive


DEVANG said...

videos are really motivating and provide complete inspiration for leading an exclusive life.

Kishan said...

Thanks for posting this.