Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunil Robert V - Videos

How you define yourself relative to your work and your calling makes a huge difference to success

In India, work assumes a larger than life proportions

Responsibility to choose one's career is on the individual

Benefit in exposing children to people from different careers

Awareness of current affairs is high but engagement with the different stakeholders in the community is not happening enough

Technology and its tools have made good work and social work more possible and more visible

Slumdog Millionaire vs Pursuit of Happiness, in terms of story that I could relate to

When you make a new nation your home, you have to make efforts to belong there

We have to prepare our youngsters for the future workplace, even in terms of culture and language

Humour can be a double-edged weapon, it can endear you, or alienate you

Increasingly, Indian companies are embracing other nationalities as employees

Letting go of leadership to youngsters doesn't come naturally to Indians

What I will be talking to Loyola students -- Get a life plan

Author reading his book

My writing style

Writing discipline

Indians are seen as change agents and catalysts in areas such as technology

My next book too will have a message to young people

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