Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sudhir Kapadia - Videos

GST will be a reality, and many positive steps are being taken

Experience of VAT has made the states confident about GST introduction

Precautions with regard to food prices are necessary when introducing GST

How will GST handle the volatility of petroleum prices

Did the dual GST spoken of in Budget come as a surprise

GST legislation required at the Central and State levels

Opportunities and challenge for corporates as regards GST

Two major strides in the area of international taxation

Possible reasons for not bringing in APA, as yet

Considerations when companies resort to APA

Issues that are likely to demand the attention of the TP dispute resolution body

On the Vodafone issue

More than 50 per cent of stimulus measures are in the area of tax

Broad baskets in which stimulus measures fall

Effective corporate tax rates in India are still very high

Who will benefit from the R and D incentive

Governance, rather than tax concessions, will differentiate the states as attractive investment destinations

States should guard against giving away too much in the anxiety to win investments

Have the backward area tax incentives helped those areas to develop and grow

We may find a negative list of services in the GST law

Tax code initiative is a move in the right direciton

Is tax a key driver in inbound and outbound investments

Any tax amnesty should have a combination of carrot and stick

Scope for simplification of tax forms

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