Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prahasitha - Videos

A programme to help achieve success by accessing the right emotions

What is success

Prioritising of wants is important

Balance between change and stability, between individual and collective

How people at different levels of growth look at success

Oneness UniverCity and its aim

Programmes conducted in Oneness Univercity

True spirituality emerges from one's acceptance of oneself completely

Experience vs Philosophy

There is either growth or degeneration, no stasis in the universe

Factors that impact our state of happiness

There are no readymade solutions to people's problems

Grace is what connects people

Analogy of Internet to understand how grace connects

Atheist is one who does not have experience of god

Some people recognise grace more than others do

Faith happens through experience

Courses for parents

Youth and children programmes

Are there sacrifices in the process of discovering joy

Do you need concentration to watch a game of cricket

Do what you love to do, or love what you do

Dissatisfaction can be perceived by others

Spiritual programme for corporates

Assessment of our programme is based on feedback

Problems of individuals are the same, at a deeper level

Need is for experience, not for newer approaches

Literacy vs Education

Observations about economic disparity among people

People with a greater influence have a higher responsibility to work for their own personal transformation

Role of media in awakening societies

Views about the young generation

How can the problem of generation gap get resolved

Ways in which different generations can experience one another

Environment is not outside, we carry it within us

You can grow in spite of the environment

Inner and outer world affect each other

True success is the level of happiness one has in life

Relationship between a country's economic prosperity and level of spirituality

When families collapse, values degenerate

Takeaways from the West

What happens to one civilisation affects another

Change at accelerated speed is what we will be seeing

Wrapping up on an empty note

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