Monday, June 29, 2009

N. Ravichandran - IIM Indore - Videos

Purpose of conference is to present management in a broader perspective

What can be the outcome of the motivational conference

Newer areas that come into the purview of management

Global competitiveness and India centricity are the goals of the Institute

Addressing needs of Madhya Pradesh -- Dr Kalam's message

Along with the traditional routes, the option to be socially relevant is available to students

Ravi, in the second innings

Will we do a programme for politicians

Mukesh Ambani and Narayana Murthy in the campus

The day is not far off when Indore will be on the IT industry map

Are the newer private B-schools posing a competition to IIMs

Is the expectation from IIMs high

Good sign that professionals are taking interest in public life

Is the academia-industry interaction a one-way traffic

Can the campus begin working with the industry

Academia contributing independent directors to corporate Boards

In due time we will have something to showcase to the media

A course to study company history

CEOs get the advice they seek

Corporate CEOs get cocooned and thus comfortable

How about a workshop for CEOs organised by IIM in a village

Do campuses get the due support

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