Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Budget 2009 Analysis-E&Y - Videos

High priority given to Education (Ashwin Ravindranath)

Serious liquidity issues affecting the Real Estate sector (Ashwin Ravindranath)

Builder's disappointment (Suresh Krishn)

Government should offer incentives to propel buyers to invest in real estate (Suresh Krishn)

Tax Code may not bring in any fundamental changes (V. Ranganathan)

Does the Budget make things simpler or more complex (V. Ranganathan)

Conceptually the Industry was uncomfortable with FBT (V. Ranganathan)

Problems that weighted deduction for R&D, and increased applicability of MAT can bring in (V. Ranganathan)

No change in Indirect Taxes to facilitate convergence to GST (V. Ranganathan)

Earlier stimulus packages had preempted any further announcements in the Budget (V. Ranganathan)

Central GST rate likely to be at 8 per cent (V. Ranganathan)

Observations about the pre-Budget interactions with State Finance Ministers (V. Ranganathan)

Budgetary process and secrecy surrounding it have not changed over the years (V. Ranganathan)

Countries are revisiting their tax ideologies, in the wake of meltdown (V. Ranganathan)

Blame for tax complexity is entirely on the bureaucracy (V. Ranganathan)

Need to reduce the interface between taxpayer and tax-gatherer (V. Ranganathan)

Example of how tax changes were brought in without consulting the Industry (V. Ranganathan)

Government is the biggest litigant (V. Ranganathan)

Ideally, the Industry's voice should be aligned when it comes to tax demands (V. Ranganathan)

Budget analyses today vs Analysis by Nani Palkhivala (V. Ranganathan)

Role of Government and private players in infrastructure projects (M. Sivaraman)

The Swiss Challenge model to innovatively approach infrastructure development (M. Sivaraman)

Overall game-plan of the Budget (R. Anand)

Impact of Budget on the middle-class (R. Anand)

Is life getting better for tax compliance officers in corporates (R. Anand)

New Tax Code can be expected to be radically simple (R. Anand)

Observations about Wealth Tax amendments (R. Anand)

Gift Tax amendment plugs a loophole (R. Anand)

Insights from the direct tax revenue foregone statement (R. Anand)

Risk management becoming increasingly important in companies (Terry Thomas)

Budget impact on infrastructure (K. V. Madhan)

Lot more could have been done by the Government (S. Balasubrahmanyam)

Load on assurance has increased over the years (S. Balasubrahmanyam)

Does the Assurance field attract talent (S. Balasubrahmanyam)

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