Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vijay Madhavan - Videos

The goal of excelling further is constant in the mind of any artiste

Bhagavata Mela in Melattur at the Varadaraja Perumal sannidhi, a tradition that is more than two centuries old

Prahalada Charithram and Harishchandra -- two major plays during the mela

My role as Bhoomi Devi who protects Prahalada when he is pushed from the mountain

Is the message of Bhagavatam relevant now

When did I start dancing

Being a male dancer in an otherwise predominantly female art form

Inherent drive is important for successful artistes

A recent performance on the six cults of worship through the works of Bharatiyar

Mela Chakram, a challenging production in dance form

Research that I do for the thematic dance projects

Siva in Bharatiyar's works

Kullachami description by Bharatiyar -- adoption in the dance

Muruga, Surya, Shakti, Siva, Krishna in the works of Bharatiyar

Some of the unforgettable performances

Exposure to dance forms from other parts of the country, in addition to Bharathanatyam

Dance students in the North vs South

Let not parents consider dance to be a Board exam

The mood before the curtain goes up

As an artiste I am never satisfied with the performance

How to handle negative criticism

Creative elements that are incorporated in the framework

Remembering my teacher

My school, Rechita Nruthyalaya, to teach pure Bharathanatyam

Presentations about Bharathanatyam to foreign audience

Observations about media coverage of Bharathanatyam

Advice for journalists aspiring to write about Bharathanatyam

Bhakti bhava in Bharathanatyam vs Hindustani style

On pursuing Bharathanatyam part-time, along with job

How can corporates support Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is presented very badly in popular cinema

Television can aid the growth of the Bharathanatyam art form

Choreography in films is only decades old, compared to ancient choreography of Bharathanatyam

Grammar of dance handed down by Bharathanatyam vs Western form

You can learn Western art forms to appreciate dance

You can't be predictive about creative energy

Ingredients of creativity

All of your experiences and imagination come into your choreography

Even most of the sthayi-based abhinayas have become rare in Bharathanatyam programmes these days

Role of props in Bharathanatyam performances

Instances where Bharathanatyam becomes part of a grander drama

Does Bharathanatyam find presence in schools

Why is Bharathanatyam not often visible in wedding reception events

Classical dance art form programmes in corporate campuses

Bharathanatyam instead of aerobics

Does Bharathanatyam have the potential to replace gyms

Do urban centres miss events such as Bhagavata mela

Bharathanatyam in rural areas

Dance in public places such as parks

Tip for anger management

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