Monday, June 8, 2009

Vaidya Nathan - Videos

A dream I'd like to chase in life -- Museum for children

Bright students have a lot of dreams, but they are not getting a good deal

Students can experiment with many things before recruitment happens

When IBM bought Lotus -- an anecdote

Do senior managers fear ceding control to the young

How I got interested in learning

In terms of usefulness, students are not busy enough in campuses

Sorry state of industry-academia interaction

Faculty-on-record to coordinate with industry experts -- an example from Carnegie Mellon University

Purpose of Classle

Vedic roots behind Classle's philosophy -- Four parts of education

Internet is making information asymmetry go away so fast

Cutting to the chase -- Example of transparency debate

Fear of vulnerability that stands in the way of transparency

Remembering my teacher

Can companies think of opening up a room for students to hang out

Picture of prosperity and plenty in Ponniyin Selvan, and views about the young

We are coming to cruise speed, going back to the fundamentals

I didn't study computer science because it would get me a good job

Idea of a college that encourages students to drop out

Ecosystem that can help drop-out entrepreneurs

Origin of the company name and the logo design

Are teachers antagonistic to the Classle model

How can people associate with and benefit from Classle

Physical space is already there, and Classle adds value to that

Classle's success depends on the outliers in each domain contributing to the knowledge base

Administration to filter out inappropriate content, and moderation to ensure correctness of content

Funding of Classle

Social entrepreneurship can be successful when societal impact comes first and then enterprise

Observations about learnability quotient

Campus joke about AI, artificial intelligence

Knowledge management, is it a lot of hot air

Involvement of people in industry, to add content to Classle, and reaching them through alumni networks

A song that I sang at the alumni event (Tamil)

Freeway vs On-ramp, as applied to education

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