Wednesday, June 3, 2009

V. Raja - Videos

Four years from now, pharma industry has a huge potential, but students seem to be guided by what the seniors do

How I became a Chartered Accountant by default, rather than design

Chartered accountancy curriculum gives a rounded exposure and business perspective

Can an accelerated course from ICAI help engineering graduates gain a commercial insight

The CA Institute is still a close coterie of practising professionals

What makes GE tick

How GE manages leadership transition

Drops of profit in GE make the sum of the parts

Opportunities given to people with values but not performing

You cannot train a person for values

There must be deterrents to preclude enterprises with wrong values

Need for whistle-blowing within the industry

Some of our moral values still suck

The longer the transformation, the costlier it will be for the country, so we need surgical corrections

Healthcare industry needs an infrastructure status

How a P and L approach can bring focus to growth in different segments

How a P and L approach can bring focus to growth in different segments

Metrics other than traditional financial ratios and measures

To cater to and to create market, you need to consistently and continuously innovate

Addressing customers' concerns about fast obsolescence of technology

Today 35 per cent of installed equipment is serviced remotely

Employee training to upgrade skill sets of engineers

Training of radiologists and technicians at the customer end

Public-private partnership in healthcare

Example of PPP in Kerala hospitals

Win-win for all players, including medical college, service provider, patients

Corporates and Foundations can participate in the PPP model and accelerate healthcare access

Three components of Healthymagination

Is there a map of healthcare equipment density

What factors entrepreneurs consider before starting a healthcare service unit

How insurance can make healthcare affordable

Why not make medical insurance mandatory for everyone with a PAN card

Management courses in healthcare, in delivery and devices

Medical technology in India vs the West

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