Sunday, June 7, 2009

T. T. Srinivasaraghavan-June 09 - Videos

How was today's concert

Children discover their voice and come out of their inhibitions in a natural setting that the park offers

Art workshop over the weekend -- an idea that we may introduce soon

Battery-operated transport for concert lovers to come to the park -- a proposal worth considering

Vandalism that frustrates corporate initiatives in public spaces, and destroys the city's heritage

Raising public awareness is the first step to counter vandalism

Why not a Mid-year Festival, may be, a Navaratri Festival, to offer opportunities to more children

Mylapore Festival is a celebration of the ethos of Madras, with origins in the Kolam Contest ten years ago

Celebrities are most welcome as audience for the Park Concerts and to bless the children

Social responsibility is of every citizen, and celebrities have greater influence in conveying public-interest messages

A large body of volunteers for Mylapore Festival is the student community

Have Sunday Kutcheri and Mylapore Festival inspired other similar initiatives

Foreign tourists evincing interest in the Mylapore Festival

Are research students looking at Mylapore Festival as a case study or thesis theme

Outdoor activity in fresh air imperative as a daily routine, for all of us

Press conference in Park

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